Erick Bouaziz

Toronto’s DJ Sensation

Erick Bouaziz – Toronto’s Hot DJ Sensation

Many people will recognize the name Erick Bouaziz. After all, he is a respected name in the world of addiction recovery and treatment in Canada. Just a short while ago, he recently achieved a 5-year sobriety badge. A man committed to helping recovering addicts beat their weaknesses, it is difficult to see Erick Bouaziz as any other entity. However, there is a whole other side to Erick Bouaziz.

In addition to being a yoga enthusiast, Erick Bouaziz is a successful DJ and nightlife enthusiast. A talented hand on the wheels of steel, Erick Bouaziz has played in top clubs and events around Canada. In fact, he is lauded as one of the top users of a new sound wave sweeping across Toronto. 

When you really think about it, Erick Bouaziz’ success as a DJ in Toronto is not so far fetched. For starters, the addiction treatment expert is a successful serial entrepreneur. Secondly, Erick Bouaziz’ bout with addiction was the result of many a night spent in Canada’s top clubs.  

Like many his age, a young Erick Bouaziz was pushed to a lavish, party lifestyle by early success. He amassed a small fortune as a result of his entrepreneurial efforts. This was the beginning of a turn of events that has culminated in a 5-year sobriety badge. However, it is easy to see that Erick Bouaziz loves music and has a feel for what the party needs. This has been integral to his success as a DJ in Toronto.

A Quick Look at Erick Bouaziz’ Success as A DJ

Erick Bouaziz is a man who understands the power of the human mind. More than most, he understands the power of sheer will and determination. His years in addiction therapy have honed to give his best every time. As a result, it was not very difficult for Erick Bouaziz to turn his appreciation for the sound of music into a successful career.

In fact, he manages a SoundCloud page where he has amassed thousands of listens on his DJ mixes. A cursory check at his SoundCloud page will show mixes with titles including  Password, Scorpio Pre Bday Celebration, Pablo Loves You!, and Come Together. 

Erick Bouaziz has also partnered with Dutch luminary Niels Dekker to start up a lifestyle and night entertainment company. Named SetinStyle, Erick Bouaziz’ investment is famous for putting a new vibrant spin on Toronto’s already exuberant nightlife. At the helm is DJ Erick Bouaziz teasing you with a catchy beat as you party your way into the night in style.

He is notable as an addiction therapy expert. Everyone knows that it is part of the Erick Bouaziz mandate to help recovering addicts gain a foothold on their lives. Now, you also know that Erick Bouaziz is a successful DJ in Toronto. Other hobbies that he participated in include organizing yoga retreats and taking control of recovery retreats for an eager audience. There really is no limit to the successful enigma that is Erick Bouaziz.

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Erick Bouaziz - Scorpio Pre Bday Celebration November
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Erick Bouaziz - Pablo Loves You! Escobar May 10th 2018